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The Consultative Committee's Aims and Purposes and Terms of Reference together with some of its specific functions




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THE Committee's current Aims and Purposes and Terms of Reference are to be found in its Constitution.   They are are set out below along with some of the specific functions of the Committee as laid down in the s.106 Agreement between the Airport and the London Borough of Newham dated 21st July 1998 and elswhere. See also background information on the UKACCs website

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Aims and Purposes

IT shall be the aim of the Airport Consultative Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”) to provide an effective forum for the discussion of all matters concerning the development or operation of the Airport, which have an impact on the users of the Airport and on people living and working in the surrounding area. Consultation should be seen as a positive and interactive process through which the concerns of interested parties can be taken into account with the object of allowing the efficient operation of the Airport while moderating its impact on local communities. It should be seen as a means of keeping all interested parties adequately informed of matters affecting them, of providing an opportunity to reconcile differences of view that may arise and for resolving difficulties though agreed voluntary action.  Consultation is not intended to detract from the responsibility of the Airport’s management to manage the Airport.

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Terms of Reference

TO monitor the environmental impact of all aspects of the operation of the Airport and to advise on operating procedures resulting from such monitoring with a view to minimising noise or other pollution from whatever source

TO monitor the implementation of the provisions of this Agreement and advise from time to time on the need for any revision thereof

TO agree with the Airport formal procedures for recording complaints about aircraft noise and other adverse effects of the Airport. Such procedures should provide for complaints to be made to the Airport by telephone or in writing, for the complainant to provide his/her name, address and telephone number and information in sufficient detail to enable any necessary investigation of the complaint to be carried out. The Airport shall take such steps as it may agree with the Committee to ensure that the complaints procedure is fully and widely publicised. The Airport shall keep a record of all such complaints which shall should be made available to the Committee

TO consider any matter that the Airport might raise with the Committee as well as issues arising directly or indirectly from the operation of the Airport

GENERALLY to keep all interested parties adequately informed of matters affecting them and to provide an opportunity for reconciling any differences of view that may arise and for resolving difficulties through agreed voluntary action.

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Specific Functions

The s.106 agreement dated 21st July 1998 also provides for the involvement of the Consultative Committee in a number of specific areas, viz:

  • The London Borough of Newham (LBN) will consult the committee where it proposes to request new noise barriers.
  • The LBN will consult the Committee before it approves the Airport's proposed Noise Management Scheme. [The Committee approved the draft scheme in January 1999]. Thereafter the Airport will involve the committee in regular meetings and consultation in connection with reviews of the Scheme.
  • The Committee will receive regular reports from the Airport on the operation of the Noise Management Scheme not less than twice a year.
  • The Committee will receive copies of the Airport's annual reports on the proposed Air Quality Management Scheme and, not less than twice a year, a report of any complaints about air quality and the action taken to deal with them.
  • On employment the Committee will receive a copy of the Airport's annual return giving details of the percentage of employees living in the "local area" (Newham, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Waltham Forest, Redbridge, Lewisham, Southwark, Barking & Dagenham, Greenwich, Bexley, Havering and Epping Forest) including the percentage of Newham residents.

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An independent Consultative Committee established by London City Airport pursuant to Section 35 of the Civil Aviation Act 1982
John Adshead     Secretary: Stuart Innes

Page last modified: 22 October 2012