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Copies of the slide presentations given to the Consultative Committee at its meetings on:

- 8th April 2014
- 9th April 2013
- 9th October 2012
- 3rd April 2012
- 10th January 2012
- 4th October 2011
- 5th July 2011
- 5th April 2011
- 11th January 2011
- 5th October 2010
- 13th July 2010
- 2nd June 2010
- 13th April 2010
- 12th January 2010
- 6th October 2009
- 13th January 2009
- 3rd April 2007
-17th February 2006
- 11th October 2005
- 5th July 2005
- 11th January 2005
- 5th October 2004
- 6th July 2004
- 6th January 2004
- 8th April 2003
2nd October 2002
- 3rd July 2002


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London Airports Access Forum - Presentation on 23 March 2005

The minutes of the meetings are available on a separate page.
See also the Presentations given to the Airport Transport Forum.

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8th April 2014
pdflogo Update on London Airpace Management Programme - a presentation by David Matthews (NATS)
9th April 2013
pdflogo City Airport Development Programme - a presentation by Rachel Ness
9th October 2012
pdflogo Eastern Stand Development - a presentation by Sean Bashforth (3.07mb)
3rd April 2012
pdflogo LCY Operations during the Oympic Games - a briefing by Gary Dixon of NATS (1mb)
10th January 2012

The Emirates Airline- a Briefing by Rachel Jackson of the Mace Group (925 kb)
plus Mace Group videos showing the construction of the cable car project (28.7mb) and the journey to be carried out by the cables cars (72.4mb)

4th October 2011

2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games - A briefing by Jeff Minithorpe, London City Airport (770kb)
Annual Performance Report 2010 - Highlights (688kb)

5th July 2011
pdflogo Presentation on the proposed London 21st Century Pleasure Garden - Pontoon Dock (4.91 mb)
5th April 2011
pdflogo Presentation by the Airfield Operations and Safety Unit AOSU
11th January 2011

(a) Future Airspace Strategy (188kb)
(b) The practicalities of delivering airspace solutions (288kb)

5th October 2010
pdflogo (a) London Cable Car (2.41mb)
(b) LCY Annual Performance Report 2009 (4.28 mb)

13th July 2010

pdflogo (a) London City Airport Employment Statistics 2009 (855kb)
(b) Newham Workplace (258kb)

2nd June 2010 - UKACCS Annual Meeting

pdflogo LCY Presentation to Annual Meeting (1.04mb)

13th April 2010


Air Quality Management at London City Airport (1.93mb)

12th January 2010

pdflogo Security Enhancement Project (797kb)

6th October 2009

pdflogo Airport presentation on Noise Action Plan 2009/2014 (334kb)

13th January 2009

pdflogo Presentation by Streetcar (679kb)

3rd April 2007

Air Noise Contour Prediction Using INM (583kb)

17th February 2006

Airport Master Plan - Briefing by Charles Buchanan, Director of Business Development, London City Airport (232kb)

11th October 2005

The DLR Stratford International Extension - briefing by Ricahrd De cani (DLR) - 970kb

5th July 2005

The Jet Centre (978kb)

11th January 2005

Forthcoming Airport Development (406kb)

5th October 2004

Terminal Developments (400kb)

6th July 2004

Complaints 2002/04 (84kb)

6th April 2004

Voluntary Commitment on Air Passenger Rights (465kb)


6th January 2004

White Paper - Future of Air Transport (366 kb)

8th April 2003

Voluntary Commitment on Air Passenger Rights - Briefing (1.13 mb)

2nd October 2002

South-East Regional Air Study (SERAS) - Consultation (213 kb)

3rd July 2002

Update on Surface Acces (2.26mb)

See also...

London Airports Access Forum (LTUC) - 23rd March 2005

Presentation on the Airport's Surface Access Strategy and other Airport developments (1.58mb)


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An independent Consultative Committee established by London City Airport pursuant to Section 35 of the Civil Aviation Act 1982
John Adshead     Secretary: Stuart Innes

Page last modified: 9th April 2014