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Copies of the slide presentations given to the members of the Air Transport Forum at its meetings on:

- 17th December 2013
- 22nd November 2007
- 28th November 2006
- 17th February 2006
- 15th April 2005
- 28 September 2004
- 4th December 2002
- 10th December 2003.

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See also the presentations given to the Consultative Committee.

The files are in Acrobat .pdf format and to see them you will need an Acrobat Reader - this can be downloaded free by clicking the icon opposite.

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17th December 2013

Draft Airport Suface Transport Strategy (2.58mb)
Tom Hall - Transport Consultant (Futureproof)

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22nd November 2007

DLR Projects Update (1.37mb)
Karen Bain, Docklands Light Railway

Bank Station - escalator works update (490k)
Phil McKenna LUL

Airport Briefing and Airport Master Plan (323k)
Charles Buchanan and Janet Goulton, London City Airport

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28th November 2006

Airport Briefing and Airport Master Plan (442k)
Charles Buchanan and Janet Goulton, London City Airport

DLR Projects Update (1.36mb)
Richard De Cani, Dockalnds Light Railway

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17th February 2006

Briefing on Airport Master Plan (232k)
Charles Buchanan, Director of Business Developmetn, London City Airport


15th April 2005

DLR Extension Projects - Update (1.52mb)
Sharon Moller and Simon Dobson (DLR) - Minute 2

Bus Service Provision for London City Airport (808kb)
Jamie Price (TfL) - Minute 3

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28th September 2004

Welcome and Introduction (181kb)
Alan Medlock - MInute 1

DLR Briefing (653 kb)
Nick O'Donnell - Minute 4
Airport Surface Access Strategy (59 kb)
Janet Goulton - Minute 5
East London and Greenwich Waterfront Transit Schemes (1.11 mb)
Gbenga Dairo - Minute 6

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10th December 2003

LCY Update (360kb)
Alan Medlock - Minute 2

DLR Extension to London City Airport (1.37mb)
Bob Goldring - AMEC - Minute 3
  A 13 Improvements
Phil Smith - RMS - Minute 5
  - Pages 1-10 (1.63mb)
  -  Pages 11-20 (2mb)
  -  Pages 21-29 (1.78mb)

Thames Gateway Bridge (1.91mb)
Bill Hamilton - TfL - Minute 6

LCY Greeen Trasnsport Plan - 2003 Staff Survey (50kb)
Rob Grafton - LCY - Minute 7

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4th December 2002

Information about the Airport Transport Forum and the Airport Surface Access Strategy (217kb) - see Minute 1
Future Development of Air Transport in the UK: South East - The Airport's Response (275 kb) - see Minute 2
Latest information about the Airport's Passengers, where they come from and how they get to the Airport (926kb) - see Minute 3
East London Transit - Airport Slides (460kb) - see Minute 6

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An independent Consultative Committee established by London City Airport pursuant to Section 35 of the Civil Aviation Act 1982
John Adshead     Secretary: Stuart Innes

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